Terms of Preorder

  • What is preorder?

Some items get out of stock due to sudden increased orders. Though we don’t have the item for a certain period, most of the items we sell are normally available to our importers, so we mark them as “Available for Preorder”. Whenever an item is preordered, we immediately take necessary steps to arrange the product.

glamygirl preorder

  • How much time it takes to deliver preordered items?

Preordered items are normally delivered within 4-5 days (Inside Dhaka City), 8 – 10 days (Outside Dhaka). But sometimes products get market out, in such case we will arrange it from abroad. So, it may take up to 30 days. But we will notify the customer if it takes more than normal time to arrange an item.

  • Do you guarantee delivery for a preordered item?

No, we cannot guarantee that. If a product is not available to our importers, we cannot deliver that. In such case, we will notify the customers and cancel the order. If customer paid online, we will immediately initiate refund.

  • Special preorder campaign

When we run a special preorder campaign, customers can preorder items from abroad at a certain price. Delivery time 15 – 35 days. Customers must pay at least 10% of the total order amount for preorder. This amount is non refundable in general case. But if it takes more than 35 days, then customers can request for full refund.