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Among the body parts, our face needs maximum attention and care. Due to this items like face wash and scrubs are used by millions of women worldwide. For extra deep clean, formula scrub & exfoliator is far more popular with the traditional face wash. If you want the best care for your rough and dull skin, these items are essential for you.

Scrub & Exfoliator Price in Bangladesh

Scrub & Exfoliator Price
Neutrogena Oil Balancing Daily Exfoliator 470 Tk
Freeman Cleansing Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask + Scrub 650 Tk
Simple Kind To Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub 375 Tk
The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash Scrub Mask 890 Tk
Boots Cucumber Facial Scrub 420 Tk

There are many scrubs available in the market. Some of them are high in quality, some are for mild skin. Due to this, we are suggesting you use the most advanced one. Most of the scrubbers are good for oily skin. Among the scrub brands, Beauty Formulas Scrub & Exfoliator, Clean Care Scrub & Exfoliator, Garnier Scrub & Exfoliator, Neutrogena Scrub & Exfoliator are the most popular and good for all types of skin.

It will be best if you can use the scrub regularly on your skin. This helps your skin to get moisturized and keep it fresh. Regular use of scrub is the most efficient way to clean your pimple and dark head problem. That is why you must use this item regularly. You have to make sure that the scrub is free from harmful chemicals and has a low pH level. It will make sure the safest product in the market.

To get the best possible result, you have to use this item while taking a shower. Generally, scrubs will not make your skin dry or rough. It also helps you to increase natural moisturizers in your face. Before buying any scrub please make sure they are clinically tested and approved by the experts. As a result of using this, you will get fresh and spotless skin within a few days.