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In most of the country, Korean cosmetics are very popular due to its high impact. In recent years, the popularity of Korean cosmetics in Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. Most of the Korean cosmetics brands are offering a wide range of cosmetics for skin and face care. Most of the Korean cosmetics brands are well known for their face and skincare. You will find several makeup items from these brands. As a whole, you can trust on the Korean cosmetics brands in all prospects.

Korean Cosmetics Price in Bangladesh

Korean Cosmetics Price in Bangladesh
COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser 850 Tk
TIAM Vita B3 Source Serum 1050 Tk
Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask 1190 Tk
Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx 650 Tk
Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask EX Green Tea 135 Tk

Why should you choose Korean cosmetics?

Most of the Bangladeshi women are afraid of foreign cosmetics due to their authenticity. In this regard, we have to find the most trusted and authentic source. For those Korean makeup, items should be your first choice. They have the most highly recommended cosmetics manufacturing company in the world. Due to that, we are mentioning their name in there. They have a wide range of items. So that you can pick the most quality items from there. Along with that, we have seen that most of the cosmetics are safe for the skin.

If you consider the quality of the products of the Korean cosmetics, you do not need to be disheartened. Most of the items are suitable for all kinds of skin tones. Due to this most of the women are trusting the Korean brands. Along with that, we are expecting that most of the cosmetics items from Korean brands will not do any harm to your skin.

There are several cosmetics brands available in the market. Due to this, you have to be very precise about choosing the cosmetics brand. In the following, we are sharing some details about the best Korean cosmetics in the market.

Which are the best Korean cosmetics brands?

There are many cosmetics brands available in Korea. For your help, we researched several brands and picked the best one for you in the following. Let’s learn more about them!

3CE is one of the most popular Korean cosmetics brands which are known for skincare. The high-quality texture and quality are giving people advantages in many ways. Due to this women are using this cosmetics brand the most. As per the user review, we have seen that there is no side effect of using this.

After the 3CE, we can mention the name of the cosmetics brand ETUDE HOUSE. This brand is very well known to the young people and all the cosmetics are safe to use. All of their makeup items and skincare products are made from the top-notch product. All the items they manufactured are simply great for all kinds of skin and weather conditions.

MISSHA is another well known Korean cosmetics brand. All the items they are manufacturing are highly praised by people all around the world. The makeup items they produce are great for the skin. No irrational or damage has been seen from the use of this brand. This is one of the most used and top quality makeup brands from Korea. It is popular both in Korean and all other countries in the world.

THE FACE SHOP is one of the most popular brands that are well known for its high-quality face beauty product. They are using the most advanced formula and natural ingredients to make their products. The face wash and oils are especially popular with the people. Along with that their hair treatment solutions and body care items are equally popular to the users. As we have found great reviews from the existing users of this brand, you can use this brand for all kinds of beauty needs.

We have learned that all the items available from INNISFREE are made from natural ingredients. As a result, it is the safest brand for your skin. They are producing varieties of items for skincare. Some of the mentionable items are serum, face mask, hydrating cream, and traditional moisturizing creams. For makeup, they are producing all types of items a woman may need for the beautification of her face. In body care items they are using all types of solutions from head to toe. So you can pick this brand as your total beauty solution. Due to natural ingredients usages, it is one of the safest cosmetics brands on the market.

SKINFOOD is one of the finest natural beauty product manufacturers from Korea. They are producing the most high-quality hair and body care item. As most of the items, produced from the natural extracts are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Due to this, all the skincare products are safe for any purpose.

Additionally, they are offering a wide range of makeup items. All the makeup items are very soft in nature and light in tone. Hence, they are getting advantages with the heavy western makeup items. Their makeup items are good for extra sensitive skin. They have varieties of makeup and cosmetics items that help you to pick the most suitable one for you.

From the user point of view, IOPE is one of the top beauty products and skincare manufacturers. They have all types of skincare solutions. This makes them one of the most trusted skincare manufacturers on the market. From the user, we have learned that their makeup items are smooth and very suitable for all types of skin. No harmful dermatological issues have been found from the usage of this brand product. They are one of the few cosmetics brands that are producing quality skincare items for men.

Banila.co is a well-known brand that is good for making skincare items. Their skin moisturizer, skincare products, face wash, face cream, and cleanser are suitable for all kinds of skin. You can use their product for a long period without any hesitation. All of their items are dermatologically tested and approved by the FDA for external use.

Sulwhasoo is one of the most popular Korean makeup brands which is well-reputed for its skincare products. That is why they are sometimes called a skincare specialized brand. They are also producing makeup items like foundation, blush, highlighter, serum, and many more. Due to this, you can choose this brand as your makeup partner.

The makeup brands which we are suggesting in the above are the most popular among people all over the world. Based on the user review, user experience, and other features we have seen that these brands will be perfect in Bangladeshi weather. Comparing the skin type and usage of the user, you can choose the Korean makeup & skincare products from the mentioned brands.

Why Korean skincare & makeup items the best?

Most of the Korean cosmetics are very high in their quality. That is why you have to choose the right brand for your skin based on your need. As we are living in a hot and humid country in Bangladesh, we have to take some precautions before choosing any cosmetics brand from Korea.

As a user, you have to make sure that the cosmetics and makeup items you are using made from Korea are following the dermatological rules and do not use any harmful chemicals. As a result, you will be safe from any kind of skin irritation.

Most of the Bangladeshi women are suffering from either dry skin or oily face. Most of the Korean skincare items are specially made to fight against these problems. Most of the Korean makeup items and skincare products are certified from the FDA. so, we can use these items without any hesitation. If you have extra sensitive skin then you should choose these brands before trying others.

The skincare products available from the Korean manufacturers are quality passed. We have seen that their products have the most highly reviewed and praised by users all over the world. This is another reason you should choose their items for your skincare. If you compare their products with the other manufacturers all over the world, you will surely find that their products are ahead of all others.

What should you consider before buying Korean cosmetics?

Before choosing any Korean makeup or cosmetics brand you have to make sure that the items have come from the authentic source. After that, you have to make sure that the items you are picking are approved by the dermatologist and well-reputed by the experts. Before you are choosing any brand and products for your skincare, you should consult with the beautician. Though all the original Korean cosmetics do not have any negative reviews or rush tone, you can rely on their products without any hesitation.

We are expecting that you will be able to get the best skincare support by using the items we have mentioned in the above. Except for these brands, there are several more items available in the market which are also good for your personal use. Make sure you are buying the original product from the source. It will give you the most secure skincare and makeup experience. We hope this blog will come handy in your skincare and makeup solution. Happy beautification!