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To apply proper makeup on your face and eye sponge and applicator is a mandatory thing. For that, it will be best if you can choose the most high-quality items. There are several renowned brands which are offering sponges and applicators. Normal traditional face brush may not give you proper makeup. Due to this, you have to choose sponges and applicators.

Sponges & Applicators Price in Bangladesh

Sponges & Applicators Price
Superdrug Blending Sponge 170 Tk
Keli Sponge Makeup Pack 199 Tk
W7 Mini Power Puffs Makeup Sponge 320 Tk
Real Techniques Finish Miracle Sculpting Sponge 360 Tk
Wandaya 3D Beauty Blending Makeup Sponge 99 Tk

If you are wishing to have party makeup or heavy makeup then you have to use sponges to set the makeup in your face. Sponges will help you to set the foundation and concealer to your skin properly. So that the makeup will not get broken.

After applying the foundation on your skin you have to use sponges to set the foundation properly so that the makeup you put over will last long. Due to this, we are suggesting you use sponges rather than your bare hand. Real Technique, Superdrug & W7 are the well-known brands making high-quality sponge and applicator for makeup.

Most of the sponges are soft and can be used for a long time. Based on your makeup type you can use sponges & applicators. The corner side of the applicator is good for blending the makeup surrounding your eyes. As sponges are washable with water, you can use them for a long time with all types of makeup.

So far from the user point of view, there are no irritation issues that have been found by the sponges. For any corner side use, you can use the small applicator to have the perfect makeup. Always keep in mind that sponges need to be soft, smooth, and washable. Most of the renowned brands offer all of these features at the same time.