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Xpel is an all-encompassing brand of solutions that have been working in many industries for the last two decades. Our needs know no bounds. As we try to go through our day to day lives, we encounter more and more problems. Our bodies depend on these solutions. Personal care sometimes goes unattended because of the full range of needs. There are very few brands in the world that can encompass all types of solutions. Even if they do have all kinds of solutions, you can be sure that there is some problem with one or two products. Xpel is a brand that tries its best to be a be all end all brand for your care needs. 
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XPEL products price list in Bangladesh

XPEL productsWeightPrice in Bangladesh
XPEL XHC Tea Tree Moisturising Hair Care Shampoo400 ml550 Tk
XPEL XHC Tea Tree Moisturising Hair Care Conditioner400 ml550 Tk
XPEL Tea Tree Oil30 ml500 Tk
XPEL Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash200 ml350 Tk
XPEL Argan Oil Conditioner400 ml400 Tk


Xpel isn’t one type of product, but it has a broad range of products. It first started its products in 2000. So it has already spent more than 20 years as a brand. In the beginning, it was not such a large brand. There were hygiene products. After some success in the markets, they added some beauty brands as well. Now, there are pet products, mosquito repellants, bathrooms, and household items as well.  But Xpel has gained the most popularity through its beauty and health products. 

The beauty and health products from Xpel are popular because of some founding principles. The ingredients Xpel uses are from natural sources. The herbal connection with the dermatologists from Xpel helps the users get the best out of the products. Xpel’s natural way of components also has built a reputation for it as a reliable brand. The Argan Oil, Charcoal, HXC, Coconut Water, are some of Xpel’s most popular beauty products. The Ginger range, Osiris, macadamia, Hemp range, and the XNC body care are their health & hygiene range of products. The overall coverage of needs, along with natural ingredients, have made Xpel a distinctive brand. 

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