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W7 brings high-quality products for beautification with convenient pricing. It hopes to take place in the vast gap for such manufacturers in the market. Makeup or cosmetics are a type of commodity that we use every day, and we have to depend on them to look our best for social situations. But if you go to the shops, there is a worrying sign. Most makeup manufacturers are of the high-end types. The rest are cheap but don’t offer much in terms of quality. That is why there are huge gaps and demand for these types of manufacturers. W7 is one brand that hopes to deliver the best performance at manageable prices. 
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W7 products price list in Bangladesh

W7 productsPrice in Bangladesh
W7 12 Hour HD Foundation950 Tk
W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder650 Tk
W7 Lash Adhesive350 Tk
W7 Liquid Eyeliner Pot350 Tk
W7 Power Puff Face Blender Sponge450 Tk


W7 is an entrepreneurial effort from two young gentlemen from England. The motto of the company reads “Who will you be today?” The owners knew about how the market required a brand that would deliver more in less for the customers. Thus, they were more than willing to fill the void of such products for beauty and makeup needs. The company started its operations in 2002 and has since been bringing in potent beauty solutions for users. The company tries its best to include the answers for beauty needs in an efficient way for users.

The team from W7 is a robust one, and the proof of their efficiency is the 500 types of products the company has introduced over the years. The products they include do not have any animal cruelty, so no animals were in harm during the production of the items from W7. W7 brings about new and improved things for your makeup needs. The affordable options from W7 cover the basics and deliver more in terms of quality. The products from W7 which includes Lipsticks, Foundations, Gloss, and more. The extensive range of mascara products is of excellent quality. The quality and price have made W7 a proper alternative. 

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