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Vaseline is a world-wide name in personal care and skincare. We all have known or used Vaseline in some parts of our life. Our concern for skin is an essential part of the overall health of our bodies. In each section, we need a different type of care because a kind of care cannot cover all of your needs. The skin is the outer layer of our body. We expose our skin every day to the mercy of nature. But in recent times, the outside climate might render our skin damaged and dry. Vaseline is one of the oldest remedies for hydration that has become almost a tradition. 
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Vaseline products price list in Bangladesh

Vaseline products Price in Bangladesh
Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Body Lotion 620 Tk
Vaseline Lip Therapy 250 Tk
Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly 100 ml 550 Tk
Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Vitalising Body 950 Tk


Vaseline has a tradition that spans over a century before being in use on a commercial basis. In the year 1859, Robert Cheeseborough discovered that a component called ‘rod wax’ can cure cuts and bruises. The oi pump rigs in Pennsylvania was the place of origin for the ‘rod wax’. From there Cheeseborough went ahead and developed the Vaseline compound. Vaseline comes from the German word for water, and it’s a compound of water and oil. But in 1987, Vaseline’s parent company, Cheeseborough manufacturing was sold to Unilever. So, Unilever is now the principal owner of the Vaseline brand. But despite the ownership changes, Vaseline has stuck to its quality still now. 

Vaseline is a bonafide product that works with the hydration and skincare against dryness of the skin. It is essentially petroleum jelly. The formula has survived for an extended period and now has become a must-have care item in the colder months. Vaseline jelly has stood the test of time, and it is to this day the best-selling product from Vaseline. Along with moisturizing, Vaseline has also branched out to other products such as soaps, skin creams, cleansers, body deodorants, and lotions. 

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