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TRESemmé is a brand that the whole beauty world relates to expert hair care. With our rapidly hectic life, environmental changes, health & food habits, and a host of other factors, our body is left wanting more. Our hair is one of the prime victims of the world-changing around us. It is not possible to have the same flowing and beautiful hair throughout the changing times. The factors render our hair unmanageable and also it becomes tough for us to manage our flowing hair. Tresemme is one brand that has kept on delivering new and improved ways of taking care of your hair while maintaining its beauty. 
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Tresemme products price list in Bangladesh

Tresemme productsPrice in Bangladesh
TRESemme Pro Collection Keratin Smooth Shampoo650 Tk
TRESemme Pro Collection Keratin Smooth Conditioner650 Tk
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shine Oil950 Tk
Tresemme Colour Shineplex Shine Lock Serum850 Tk


Tresemme is an American brand based in St. Louis, Missouri. After the end of World War 2, there was a surge of consumer products that were trying to fulfill the needs of the new generation. The Godefroy manufacturing company back then came up with the idea of salon special hair treatment. A salon can make the hair look amazing and healthy with a proper care session. So the idea behind Tresemme was to provide salons with the appropriate shampoo. After starting in 1947, Tresemme hair products were marketed exclusively to only salons. In 1968, Alberto-Culliver bought the Tresemme brand and in 2010 Unilever brought rights to it. 

Tresemme has been a brand that provides salon-quality hair care at home. That quality of products is still present among the new releases. The products have the best ingredients that have the endorsements of salon professionals. With components that make your hair much more flowing and gorgeous, Tresemme has been bringing in more accurate solutions for haircare to the people. The best products include shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, hair sprays, mousse, hair gel, and more. Tresemme is an iconic brand for haircare and has maintained its position even to this day. 

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