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Technic is one of the rising cosmetics brands in the world. Once you have a brand in the market, you naturally go for the ones that fulfill your overall needs for beautification. Beauty is not an accessible commodity to get. Cosmetics go into the depths of the skin and bring out your best version to the world. But, most beauty products are of the high drug store variety. Very few brands in the world have an affordable price range along with a line of high quality of makeup solutions. Technic is one such brand that falls under the category of affordable but high quality. Thus, it deserves mention for their efforts.
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Technic products price list in Bangladesh

Technic productsPrice in Bangladesh
Technic 3x False Eyelash Glue300 Tk
Technic Color Fix Blush Palette650 Tk
Technic Makeup Setting Spray450 Tk
Technic Megalash Water Resistant Mascara350 Tk
Technic Color Fix Highlighter Palette650 Tk


Technic is a British brand of cosmetics. It is one of the newer brands in the world. Cheap or affordable aren’t some of the words that you associate with makeup and cosmetics. Most makeup brands ship beauty at a ridiculously high price tag. In some cases, the price is justified. But in our day to day use, we need a brand that provides functional cosmetics at an affordable price range. Technic is the brand that started because it wanted to fill the void for affordable but quality makeup brands. From its beginning and up to now, reviewers have lauded the efforts of Technic.

As we said earlier, Technic fills the gap for affordable but high-quality makeup products. The way the Technic brand operates is bringing you value for your money. The products cover all your essential beauty needs. The price range is cheap, and the production of the products is cruelty-free. Their best products have succeeded because they have stuck to the principles. Technic’s best products include the primer spray, lip gloss, highlighter palette, Contours, and more. The Technic range of products covers the basics. The high quality for low money principle has worked in Technic’s favor.

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