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Superdrug is a different type of cosmetics and personal care brand. We encounter many types of brands in the beauty, cosmetics, and personal care industry. Every brand concentrates on some form of unique selling points. When it comes to beauty products and solutions, most brands are a common type of service. But few brands look to have a chain of stores on board. Superdrug is just one of these companies. Superdrug has been delivering cosmetic solutions on a chain retail store basis. Apart from that distinct part of the offerings, Superdrug has been a strong brand for cosmetics, health, and overall beauty solutions.
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Superdrug products price list in Bangladesh

Superdrug products Price in Bangladesh
Superdrug Natural Fashion False Eyelashes 350 Tk
Superdrug Tea Tree Blended Oil 800 Tk
Superdrug Treat Me Mango & Coconut Bath & Shower Soak 850 Tk
Superdrug Cotton Wool Round Pads x 100 450 Tk
Superdrug Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin 750 Tk


In the year 1964, the Goldstein brothers in London had the idea of Superdrug. Their experience in the supermarket and retail chains paved the way to make their brand of retail chains. The first Superdrug store opened for business in the year 1966. Since then, Superdrug has played an instrumental role in providing cosmetics items to a wide range of needs. Superdrug has since introduced many subbrands under which specific types of cosmetic solutions are available. In 2010 the Perfume Store had its establishment under the Superdrug umbrella. The brand solely concentrates on giving fragrance based products from Superdrug. 

Superdrug has been around for a long while in the cosmetics business. There has been quite a lot of products that have been introduced since the initial years. The best products from Superdrug include B Foundation, Eyelashes, Shine Sprays, Argan Hair Therapy treatment and more. The Superdrug brand has continued making more and more additions to their already extensive catalog of products. The beauty fraternity has appreciated Its retail business model and scientific approach to beauty. The products have increased in quality and have given women the chance to flaunt their beauty. The worldwide appeal of Superdrug has also increased. 

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