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Pond’s is a well-recognized brand in the world for its personal care and concentrated products for skincare. Our skin has to bear the brunt of environmental and pollution damage in this day and age. Even before this era, the climate was never much friendly to our face and skin. So there would be many brands that would try to quench the demands of people looking for proper skincare. Pond’s was one of the first brands to make products to meet the rising requirements of the people. The attention and care Pond’s has brought throughout the years have been instrumental in making them a trustworthy brand for users all over the globe. 
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Pond’s products price list in Bangladesh

Pond’s productsPrice in Bangladesh
Pond’s Angel Face Pinkish White Glow Face Powder350 Tk
Pond’s Flawless Deep Whitening Facial Foam550 Tk
Pond’s Magic BB Powder220 Tk
Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream350 Tk
Pond’s White Beauty Spot-Less Rosy White Daily Facial380 Tk


American pharmacist Theron Pond discovered a useful remedy for small cuts and bruises. He found that tea extracts from With Hazel could heal and take care of skin problems. From there, the “Pond’s Extract” saw its popularity rise. This invention became the founding product for Ponds. Then through the 1850s and 1900s, Pond’s brought in the care for the skin against ailments. Then in 1987, Ponds’ parent company Cheeseborough sold its shares to the MNC Unilever. Now Ponds continues to bring exceptional care for your skin from under the Unilever brand. 

Pond’s always has been a brand synonymous with intimate skincare. Another distinguishing factor of Ponds is how it saves the skin from the harsh effects of the skin. The overall care for the skin is the priority for Pond’s products. Pond’s, in the meantime, has also moved to make beauty and anti-aging creams as well. The anti-wrinkle creams, BB Cream, pearl extract face wash are some of the best products from Ponds in the current lineup. This way Pond’s has made a place for itself as a brand that delivers quality products for your intensive skincare. It is continuing to provide more options for beauty needs as well. 

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