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Pantene is a brand famous for hair care among users. There are many use cases for shampoos. Our hair is not just an extension of our physical image, but it is also one for our personality. We use as much care for hair as much as we do for our faces. That is why shampoo and other hair care products are so important. With climate change and pollution taking effect, we are facing more damaging aspects of these things on our hair. Pantene is one brand that differentiates their approach from others in a positive way. That is why they have such recognition as a hair care product. 
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Pantene products price list in Bangladesh

Pantene products Price in Bangladesh
Pantene Gold Series Sulfate-Free Shampoo with Argan Oil 1200 Tk
Pantene Shampoo Silky Smooth Care 370 Tk
Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Sleek Conditioner 750 Tk


Pantene’s origins are of two-folds. Initially, it was a European venture. It started p[roduction originally in Switzerland in 1945 by Hoffman La-Roche. Pantene got its name from the shampoo ingredient called Panthenol. The prime benefit of Pantene from the beginning was that it made the hair look much healthier. Thus, Pantene became a brand that transitioned into a beauty product as well as a personal care item. Private Care conglomerate P&G bought the Pantene brand to make use of this dual benefit. Since then, Pantene has enjoyed a more substantial audience all over the world, providing hair care solutions.

The line of Pantene products uses a dual benefit mode. As we said earlier, Pantene not only uses hair health as a USP, but it is also a beauty product. Pantene products have a motto of providing healthier looking hair. Their products make sure your hair stays conditioned and presentable, as well as providing health benefits. That is why it is a unique offering to those who want two-in-one benefits. The duality also shows in their best range of products, which is the two-in-one shampoo & conditioner combination. The shampoo cleanses the hair while the conditioner makes sure the hair looks healthier. Pantene brings the best of both worlds. 

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