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OGX is a premium hair care brand based in the US. Our hair is connected to our personality and also our identity. People identify us with our hair. But our hair is also subject to a lot of damages. Dandruff, hair fall, damaged scalp, itch, impurities, and so many types of problems might be bothering our hair. We need a premium drug store level solution for our hair. Drugstore level products are usually the ones that are of high caliber and has the best ingredients. OGX is one such brand that delivers on the drugstore quality products. The approach to OGX as a brand has been giving clinical yet organic solutions for haircare for a long time. 
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OGX products price list in Bangladesh

OGX products Price in Bangladesh
OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo 1300 Tk
OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Conditioner 1300 Tk
OGX Reviving + Vitamin E Penetrating Hair Oil 1200 Tk


OGX is a brand that has evolved over the years. The brand had always been a firm believer in bringing in natural cures for the problems of our hair. Vogue international LLC launched the brand. The place of origin for the brand was in England. There are many makeup organizations and fashion boutiques in the world. OGX tried to become equivalent to a fashion brand. The company has always tried to be a fashion icon for hair care. The attention to such detail has made OGX a sought-after brand in the world of hair care. 

OGX brand of products has the theme of having organic components as the base for their products. The natural care shampoos are useful for long-term hair care. OGX has some common ingredients in their shampoos. The range of shampoos is popular because of the benefits they provide. The shampoos have a sweet fragrance that lasts throughout the day. The conditioners help the hair feel fresher and bouncier than before. The Argan oil, tea tree, vitamin E options for the shampoos are some of the best selling shampoos from OGX. The brand is famous across the world because of all these aspects. 

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