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When anyone wants to talk about body care, Nivea is one brand that comes to mind. Our body and skin need a different brand of care. We expose our skin and bodies to the outside world. Only food nutrients aren’t enough to deliver the lost nutrition in our collection. We have to keep supplying our bodies with the necessary care in an outward form. Nivea is a brand that understands this demand. That is why it has been a prime brand for personal responsibility for the face, body, and skin in general. The heritage as a brand that Nivea has is something that still puts Nivea among the elites. 
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Nivea products price list in Bangladesh

Nivea productsPrice in Bangladesh
Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream 100 ml400 Tk
Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream 200 ml550 Tk
Nivea Cream300 Tk
Nivea Refreshing Face Wash300 Tk
Nivea Men Shower Gel Energy350 Tk


Nivea is a German brand that is one of the oldest brands still in production in this day and age. Paul Carl Beiserdorf founded the company in the year 1882. He and his associates developed a skincare cream that is a precursor to the current line of products. This lotion happened in the year 1890. The water-in-oil based formula helps to provide moisturization to the skin. The cream has become the founding principle for all of their products. Nivea products have held onto the quality of skincare since the 19th century into the 21st. 

As a brand, Nivea has always prioritized care above every other aspect. One of the main reasons for Nivea sustaining its century-spanning success is because, how the smart engineering of products leads to proper skincare. The German efficiency is always at full display in the Nivea brand of products. The scientifically-made skincare products make Nivea a conscious choice for many people. Their most popular products are lotions, Sunscreens, skin gels, Body cream, and deodorants are some of their best products. The Nivea for Men range of products is also very popular. The facewash and body lotions cater to different skin types of men. 

Nivea Day & Night Cream