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Makeup revolution is a cosmetics brand that delivers makeup and beauty solutions that has the diversity front and centre in their mode of work. Beauty is subjective to what the perception of people is. The world is a much diverse place. We do not have a defined description of what beauty is. So, clinging on to the traditional thought of “fairness is beauty” is an outdated one. Beauty companies should look towards the diversity of people. Makeup revolution understands that beauty is not limited to a specific number of standards. That is why it has brought new and innovative ways to amplify the beauty of people. 
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Makeup Revolution products price list in Bangladesh

Makeup Revolution products Price in Bangladesh
Makeup Revolution SophX Highlighter Palette 1150 Tk
Makeup Revolution Blush Palette 750 Tk
Makeup Revolution Matte Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray 650 Tk
Makeup Revolution Supersize Conceal & Define Concealer 920 Tk
Makeup Revolution Rose Powder Brush 1250 Tk


Makeup Revolution came as an idea to the founder, Adam Minto. Many people, along with many organizations, believed in pushing a particular set of characteristics as the standard for beauty. But in truth, beauty is diverse and has lots of layers that we still don’t understand. Makeup Revolution started in the same vein as this idea. In 2014, Adam Minto started the company basing it on the principles of diversity and inclusion. Since then, the company has been adamant about bringing more diverse solutions for people of all skin complexions. The limitless boundaries of the Makeup Revolution give you an overall makeup performance that is quite different than others.

As mentioned before, the Makeup Revolution is a brand based on pure borderless beauty. It brings more vibrant products and suits all types of skin, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or even Gender. Makeup Revolution makes makeup products that give specific benefits to every other kind of person. Their best selling products also reflect that fact. The popular products include Shadow palettes, Illuminating serum, Eyeliners and lipsticks deserve a separate mention. Makeup Revolution is a brand that prides itself on being a company for diversity. The products themselves show this fact brilliantly.

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