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Livon is a haircare brand of products that have been around for quite a while now. Haircare is a significant balancing act in terms of caring for our bodies. We can see a lot of products in the world right now, but they all concentrate on the same type of products. There are very few products that directly deliver the nutrients to the roots of the hair. Livon is one brand that is in line with hair care products that provide proper care and nutrition for the hair. Livon is among the hair products that have a heritage of appropriate care for your hair. 
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Livon products price list in Bangladesh

Livon ProductsPrice in Bangladesh
Livon Hair Essentials Vitamin E Serum 20 ml110 Tk
Livon Hair Essentials Vitamin E Serum 50 ml225 Tk


Marico is a company that has been in the Indian market for personal care and especially for hair care products. Marico started its operations in 1990. After the initial services started, Marico concentrated on their hair care products. Parachute is one of their most famous brands. In 2002 the first Livon product had its introduction. The Hair Serum was a solution that goes deep into the roots of your hair and tries to develop the core strength of the hair. But after some concentration on other brands, Marico relaunched Livon as a brand with the serum in front lines. Since then, Livon has been bringing in more and more products for hair care. 

Livon has been a brand that associates itself with the deep care of hair. The relaunch of the Livon brand comes with the serum, and that goes into the depths to ensure your hair gets enough nutrition. Currently, Livon presents two product options for hair care. The Livon Silky potion makes your hair looks its best version and gets rid of messy tangles in your hair. Livon Hair Gain is an option for men who are suffering from hair loss. The solutions for deep hair care has made Livon a strong brand. 

Livon Hair Serum