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L.A Girl represents the cosmetics and beauty of an American beauty manufacturer. Los Angeles has long enjoyed being a city of glitz and glamour. Being the film capital of the world, L.A has also enjoyed lots of attention. This town, in turn, is also synonymous with fashion. That is why many beauty and fashion experts hail from this region. L.A Girl imbues the glitz and glamour of the L.A area into their products. L.A Girl brings in new and improved ways of getting beauty and cosmetics solutions for women. There are some exciting ways that L.A Girl brings value to their products. 
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L.A. Girl products price list in Bangladesh

L.A. Girl products Price in Bangladesh
L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation 950 Tk
L.A. Girl Pro Setting HD Setting Spray 700 Tk
L.A. Girl Primer Spray 850 Tk
L.A. Girl Pro Primer Eye Shadow Stick 500 Tk
L.A. Girl Lipliner 350 Tk


L.A Girl started in the heart of Los Angeles, California, in the year 1985. It had its humble beginnings and tried to supply customers with the best products for beautification available. This way, their catalog grew, and they became very adept at bringing in quality cosmetics solutions fr women. In the year 2012, L.A Girl moved its operations to Ontario, Canada, and has been doing business from across the border. But the quality and the premium feel of their products has not finished yet. L.A is still bringing in new and improved products that build upon the legacy of L.A Girl. 

The philosophies of production and service have remained the same for L.A Girl as they had been in the early years. The premium feel was always a USP of L.A Girl, and they have maintained that standard even now. But it is bringing cosmetics at an affordable price. Colors of expression have been their USP in terms of their product line. Their Eyeshadow Palette, Brow gel, Glitter Topper, and Lipsticks are some of the highest-selling products. The principles of premium and classy cosmetics along with affordable pricing make L.A Girl a must-have brand. 

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