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Jordana is an American brand of cosmetics that have been around for quite a while. Women need to express themselves in a way that gives them freedom. Women are called the fairer sex because of how beautiful they are. Jordana understands that freedom of expression among women and has brought on products for beautification. Jordana specializes in cosmetics and beauty products of all types. The completeness of their product line makes this brand a must-have for all the makeup boxes worldwide. Jordana has been around for a while. The products give quality with convenience as well as some inherent benefits. 
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Jordana products price list in Bangladesh

Jordana products Price in Bangladesh
Jordana Matte Lipstick 250 Tk
Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder 550 Tk
Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color 550 Tk


Jordana is a reasonably old brand in the current market. In the year 1995 Jordana initially started their operations. Jordana has a  tenure which is a 25-year experience in the cosmetics market. Jordana has a US-centered production for its many products. It tries to provide the best possible options for your beauty needs. Jordana started a quarter of a century ago, in Los Angeles, California. The family-owned business has grown to international standards and has been giving there best efforts to satisfy beauty lovers all over the world. Jordana for these reasons has got a good following of sorts among the customers. 

Jordana has diversified its range of products. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It also associates with what we see ourselves. Women’s vision relies on how they perceive their beauty. Jordana understands this very well and makes products that give women unique products to express themselves in their unique way. That is why it brings affordable yet premium quality cosmetics for their customer base. Jordana’s experience and production principles have made them quite well known. Their best range of products includes Lip gloss, Lip color, lip Balms, feather brow gel, and more. Jordana is bringing in more options for women to express themselves even more freely. 

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