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Head & Shoulders have been a known brand for haircare for a long time. If you have to name some of the shampoo brands from the top of your head, then, Head and Shoulders would be one of the brands you would say. It has got immense popularity and a loyal customer base. It is one of the prime brands in the world in terms of hair care products. The brand has been delivering quality hair care products for every type of hair, gender, and people alike. That is Head and Shoulders has enjoyed such a successful run in the Shampoo market. 
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Head & Shoulders products price list in Bangladesh

Head & Shoulders productsWeightPrice in Bangladesh
Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo400 ml750 Tk
Head & Shoulders Citrus Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo400 ml750 Tk
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff400 ml750 Tk
Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo400 ml750 Tk
Head & Shoulders Menthol Refresh Anti-Dandruff400 ml750 Tk


Head & Shoulders is a part of the Proctor and Gamble or P&G company. Based in America, Head and Shoulders have been in production since 1961 when it had its first introduction. It was one of the first brands that gave focus to one of the most annoying hair problems which are dandruff. At one point in time in 1981, it was the number 1 best selling shampoo in the world. It has kept its popularity even up to now. There is a long line of hair care items in the Head and Shoulders catalog of products. They are slowly but surely expanding their reach. 

P&G has added its brand of health-first characteristics to the Head and Shoulders brand of products. Their shampoos and conditioners come in many variants. The principal offering of Head and Shoulders are their anti-dandruff brand of shampoos. The shampoos help to reduce dandruff for various types of hair. The use of medicated ingredients along with experts’ help has made Head and Shoulders the global leaders they are. Head and Shoulders also help to deliver the proper health benefits for both hair and scalp with natural ingredients. The conditioners are also very adept at keeping the hair looking balanced and conditioned. 

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