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Golden Rose is a cosmetics manufacturer that has been growing in the last number of years. Cosmetics brands are merchants of beauty. But some higher-up brands have products that are quite expensive. This trend has alienated a lot of customers who want a sustainable value for their money. So, there is a gap of brands that can fulfill that specific gap in cosmetics. Golden Rose prides itself as one of the cosmetics brands that deliver cosmetics and beauty products that come in the affordable range. Golden Rose has been in the cosmetics market for a while, and their popularity is making headway for customers with a budget.

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Golden Rose products price list in Bangladesh

Golden Rose products Price in Bangladesh
Golden Rose City Style Face & Eye Palette 2300 Tk
Golden Rose Matte Lipstick 600 Tk
Golden Rose Pressed Powder 1450 Tk
Golden Rose Silky touch Compact powder 750 Tk
Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick 700 Tk


Golden Rose is one of the brands associated with Erkul Cosmetics. Erkul is a Turkish cosmetics and beauty manufacturer. It has been in the market since 1986. For the last 34 years, Erkul has operated on the cosmetics market. But Erkul launched several brands under their cosmetics range. Golden Rose is one of the names that Erkul has introduced. Since its inception, Golden Rose has been bringing affordable cosmetics and beauty products for women. The quality of products from the Golden Rose Brand has been a bang for your buck type, which brings you value for your money.

Golden Rose, in this way, has tried to fill the demand for affordable cosmetic products. It also has expanded beyond just cheap. The product line has added products for eyes, face, nails. The foundation, nail polish are some of the notable products among their range of cosmetics. They also have a line of perfume products. Golden Rose likes to keep the type of products quite simple to understand. They cover the basics of beauty and cosmetic care. Golden Rose has gone international, and their nail lacquer has become among the top 5 in the world. 

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