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Garnier is one of the most known personal care brands in the world. The brand has grown in popularity as well as quality. In recent times, Garnier is one of the market leaders in skincare and hair care. There have been many products and ranges that have come from Garnier. Each of the products has made a splash among the customers. There is a loyal group of customers for Garnier. The following is a result of how much scientific and tested the formulas are for the Garnier range of products. Currently, their hair care products have been one of the most trusted product lines in the world.

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Garnier products price list in Bangladesh

Garnier products Weight Price in Bangladesh
Garnier Organic Cornflower Micellar Water 400 ml 1050 Tk
Garnier Skin Active Rose Soothing Toner 200 ml 650 Tk
Garnier Ultimate Blends Daily Nourisher Shampoo 360 ml 650 Tk
Garnier Ultimate Blends Moisturising Hair Food Aloe 390 ml 1150 Tk
Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Conditioner 360 ml 650 Tk


Garnier is a brand that has been around for over a century. It first got its name from the owner of the laboratory who had the Garnier Surname. Their initial offering was a hair lotion for cleansing the hair. Garnier started its operations in the year 1904 and has continued to bring new and innovative hair care solutions for customers. Garnier is currently a brand under the L’Oreal company umbrella. The parent company is synonymous with fashion and trends in style. Garnier has also followed this principle in its line of products.

Garnier is primarily a haircare brand. It has been associated with hair care products since its inception as a brand. The best offerings are the Garnier shampoos. Garnier shampoos and conditioners make sure of preservation of the stylish hair. The curl, the bounce, the silky nature, and the shine all take the importance when Garnier products are in question. Their skincare products also have a healthy fanbase. The products here concentrate on clearing impurities and preserving the freshness of the skin. Garnier Facewashes and ANti-pimple creams have garnered trust among customers. Garnier products deliver style and health in the same package with great solutions. 

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