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Flormar is a brand of cosmetics and makeup that has been providing makeover and other sorts of solutions for women around the world. It is a brand that is not new to the world of cosmetics and has been serving for more than half a century. Flormar believes that a cosmetics box is a loyal friend of a woman. So they make it their priority to serve up the most vibrant options for makeup possible. The firm has been keen on providing women with the ingredients to represent their style in their way. The founding principle still is relevant today. 

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Flormar products price list in Bangladesh

Flormar products Price in Bangladesh
Flormar Bronzing Powder 900 Tk
Flormar Compact Powder 600 Tk
Flormar Dipliner – Black 400 Tk
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick 900 Tk
Flormar Full Color Nail Enamel 240 Tk


Flormar initially had a pure European origin. It had its inception in the fashion capital of the world, Madrid. But in the year of 1970, a Turkish Business family had acquired the Flormar brand. Since then, Flormar has been under Turkish management. But the company has moved on forward and expanded its operations to a worldwide audience. Currently, Flormar has its products in the distribution in over 108 countries. They have spread their brand name through innovative and stylish solutions for your fashion and beauty needs. Representing youth,  culture, and emotions are some of the prime principles Flormar follows.

Flormar has a service principle that places the use of colors in much importance. Colors help us to explore our emotions. The products from Flormar help to bring out women’s true beauty through the use of colors. So, Flormar brings products that bring out and express the colors of the inner women. The nail polish range, matte makeup, and lip balm are some of the best-selling products from Flormar. Flormar’s principles of delivering color have made them a brand to own if you are a colorful person. They are bringing in more and more options for letting women express themselves through fashion. 

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