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Dove is an international brand of toiletries and personal care. People have recognized Dove as a brand that delivers quality products and has a broad line of products to back up the claim. Dove soaps were the harbinger type of products. We associated Dove with its quality of care-based soaps. But since its popularity and expansion, Dove has been adding products that take skincare at a deeper level. It has come a long way from its one-dimensional range of products. Diversity has become a driving force in Dove’s offerings as a brand. Dove has been trying to marry inner beauty with product quality in modern times. 

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Dove products price list in Bangladesh

Dove products Weight Price in Bangladesh
Dove Original 48h Deodorant Spray for Women 380 Tk
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo 170 ml 200 Tk
Dove Pampering Body Wash Shea Butter 500 ml 500 Tk
Dove Nourishing Body Care Intensive Body Lotion 400 ml 750 Tk
Dove White Beauty Bar 113 g 180 Tk


Dove is a brand that was established in the United Kingdom in the year 1955. A Lever Brothers employee named Vincent Lamberti has the Patent for the namesake of the company. Later after Lever Brothers became Unilever, it became the new parent entity of the Dove brand. Dove has been a consistent brand for recognizing beauty in individuals. While it was a women-centric brand at the beginning, Dove has made skincare products for men as well. Since 2010, Dove Men + Care has introduced personal care items that specifically cater to the needs of men’s health and hygiene. 

Dove in recent years has moved away from its beauty-based principle of products. Now, they are bringing in products that give healthy skin rather than only fair skin. It has started campaigns to promote inner beauty and promoting being happy with individual charm. In this principle, they have brought about a range of products that support these two underlying principles. Dove Body Lotions, Moisturizers, Soaps, and Bodywash products are their best-selling and reviewed products. Dove’s men’s range of products has also gotten a reputation. The body deodorant and spray range of products are of excellent quality and has gained due popularity among men. 

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