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ColourPop is a brand that centers around delivering cosmetics products. ColourPop is a comparatively new cosmetics brand. Cosmetics brands are quite expensive. Most products you see have a hefty price tag for longer use. But ColourPop looks to differentiate itself in terms of pricing. They are one of the few brands that concentrate on lower-end cosmetics products. Their marketing strategies are grand and unique with social media engagement and collabs. They also use vegan and animal-free ingredients. Their testing also does not involve any animals. So ColourPop is a cruelty-free brand. Because of these factors, ColourPop has gotten quite a following in the cosmetics markets. 

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ColourPop Products Price List in Bangladesh

ColourPop ProductsPrice in Bangladesh
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Chilly Chili850 Tk
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Sun Showers850 Tk
ColourPop Liquid Lip – Saigon850 Tk
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Creeper850 Tk
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Star Crossed850 Tk


ColourPop started in a very inventive way. In California, the sibling owners John and laura Nelson started making their shades of cosmetics in their father’s laboratory which made cosmetics on a supplier basis. But then they started their production. Their e-commerce based cosmetics was a successful liftoff. Since then ColourPop has been making cosmetics items and ranges that fulfill the demands. ColourPop has been known to be a brand that caters to the affordable price range of cosmetics items. Their point of concentration is within the $5-$20 range. They try to preserve the quality of the products along with giving affordable options. 

The cosmetics that ColouPop produces have a flavor of pop-culture in them. With new and affordable options that include face and body makeup, ColourPop has a distinct place in the cosmetics sphere. Forth ray Beauty and SoL are some of their subbrands for skincare items and body makeup respectively. Their products have bright and natural effects. Eyeshadow palettes, lip matte, lipsticks, highlighters are some of their best selling items. Many influencers and models endorse ColourPop and have engaged in social media campaigns for promotion. ColouPop remains an affordable beauty range of products and is bringing in more options. 

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